Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)

9 02 2011

According to Jeremiah Owyang, an Industry analysis, Social Media Management Systems are a collection of procedures that are used to manage the workflow process of social media. The procedures are either manual or computer-based applications that enable social marketers to quickly manage, maintain, and conduct reporting on multiple social media channels. (Owyang, 2010)

There are many Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) available to help companies manage their efforts across multiple social media channels, execute a workflow process, and streamline their efforts in a time-effective way. (Glassman, 2011)

Expion is just one of the many SMMS available. See link for additional options.

Expion is a technology company who provides businesses with Enterprise Social Media Management Software to help manage the workflow and operations of your social media.  The software manages multiple social platforms by monitoring, communicating, and engaging customers. (Expion, 2010)

I choose to review Expion as the software is valuable tool for businesses to not only manage their social media, but to also manage their relationships with consumers.  To a business, social media is all about managing and maintaining relationships with your consumers. Expion is easy to use and was designed for all levels of expertise, which is great for companies who are just getting into the social media environment.

The sporting goods industry is fair new to social media and tools like Expion can to define a company’s’ opportunity and business case for social media, provide clarity to consumer communications, optimize their investments, and gain control over the social media environment.  (Expion, 2010)

Social media networks and applications are highly demanding, and SMMS tools offer company’s a way to get a grip on the situation.


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