Tools for Social Media Monitoring

28 02 2011

In the Sporting Goods Industry, companies want to know what consumers think of their products, as well as the activities and conversations surrounding them.  The more a company is made visible to their consumers’ interests, the more opportunities they will have to deliver the type of products and or services that support their needs.   There are many tools available online that allow companies to monitor social media activity.

One of the tools I chose to review is Radian6.  This tool provides companies a platform for social media monitoring, engagement, and workflow management.  It helps companies to collect the data and analyze the comments consumers are making about their brand and products on the web.  It also helps you to view current trends and further analyze how the company is doing online. (Dyer, 2010). There are free tools online, but Radian6 is not one of them. This particular program costs $600 per month.

Platforms like Radian6 can be applied to just about any form of business.  Radian6 provides many business applications such as crisis management, uncovering influencers, exploring the lifecycle of buzz surrounding your company, making a case for social media, benchmarking your competition, generating sales leads, ect.  (Radian6, 2011)  The tools use is dependent on the needs and strategy of the company.

Here is a site that can help you research what tool is right for your company…


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